Electronics Reliability

" the expectation that an electronic product or system will operate for a given period of time in a specified environment. "

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Reliability Assessment Solutions is the manufacturer of the HATS²™ test system. If you are interested in purchasing a HATS²™ tester please use the Contact Form to express your interest and someone will promptly get back to you.

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HATS²™ Test System

Temperature Range: -65ºC to 265ºC ± 2ºC

High and Low Temperature Cycling Mode
IPC-TM-650 and similar standards

Reflow Simulation Mode IPC-TM-650 2.6.27
Customizable Reflow Profiles

Dimensions (Without Monitor Arm) Width: 141cm (55.5in) Depth: 90cm (35.5in) Height: 119cm (46.9in) + Case Lid Height 22cm (8.7in)

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HATS²™ Technology Platform was developed in 2020 as an update to the original HATS™ test technology, adding the capability to test a variety of industry accepted test coupons, the patented HATS²™ Single Via Coupon*, along with custom test coupons containing up to 7 test nets. The updated HATS²™ platform performs multiple cycle Convection Reflow Simulation up to 265°C in accordance with IPC-TM-650 Method 2.6.27 and other customer specific reflow profiles automatically. This Convection Reflow Simulation Methodology with In-Situ resistance measurements can detect cracks and separations in the via structures that occur during the high heat & material expansion of convection reflow which could reconnect mechanically at lower temperatures and not be detectable. For detailed information regarding HATS™ and HATS²™ technology, please visit our dedicated web site HATS-Tester.com.

HATS²™ Technology also boasts an improved measurement sub-systems capable of high-current, micro-ohm precision, 4-wire resistance measurements. This allows testing of the patented HATS²™ Single Via Test Coupon*, Substrate based test coupons and Custom test coupons containing up to 7 test nets. This updated measurement subsystem also allows HATS²™ units to be able to test up to 72 of the IPC-2221B Type "D" coupons and 36 Traditional or Single Via HATS²™ coupons for both multiple cycle Convection Oven Reflow Simulation and Thermal Shock/Cycling between -65C & 265C. For more information about the patented* HATS²™ Single Via Test Coupon, please visit our dedicated HATS²™ web site HATS-Tester.com.

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72x IPC-2221 "D" Coupons in HATS²™ Test Chamber

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* U.S. Patent 10,379,153. German Patent 10 2019 006 553.0. Japanese Patent 7,291,045. Chinese Patent ZL 201922142627.1. Worldwide Patents Pending.

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