Electronics Reliability

" the expectation that an electronic product or system will operate for a given period of time in a specified environment. "

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HATS²™ Technology

We Manufacture the HATS²™ Test System & hold patents & licenses for HATS²™ technology

Worldwide Offices

We have Offices and representation in North America, Asia and Europe

Laboratory Services

We work with Labs in each Worldwide region to Engineer Reliability Assessment Programs

Our Chairman

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Bob Neves was founder and Chairman/CTO of Microtek Laboratories, an Independent Test Facility with offices in Jiangsu China and California USA. He served as President of IRTS, manufacturer of the original HATS tester. Bob has served as Chairman of the Board for the IPC, the Association Connecting Electronics Industries. He was inducted into the IPC Hall of Fame, the IPC's highest lifetime honor. He has earned the IPC Presidents award and Dieter Bergman IPC Fellow award in recognition of his long term service to the Electronics Industry. Bob has served as the IPC's TAEC Chairman, Rigid Board General Committee chairman, HDI General Committee chairman, Rigid Board Test Method Task Group chairman, Laboratory Qualifications (IPC-QL-653) Committee chairman and participated on more than 50 IPC Technical Committees over this career. He served as Chair of IEC TC91 Working Group 10 Printed Wiring Test Methods and was a member of IEC T91 Working Groups for Printed Circuit Boards & Copper Clad Laminates. He served as Chairman of California Circuit Board Association. Bob has published dozens of articles and technical papers about Reliability, Testing, Test Methods and Failure Analysis and is the author of the PCB Acceptability section in Coombs “Printed Circuit Handbook” Sixth Edition. Bob has taught many classes on the fundamentals of Testing, Reliability and Failure Analysis of Electronic Systems.

Our General Manager

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Laya Chen was one of the team members that worked to establish Microtek Changzhou Laboratories, an Independent Test Facility with offices in Jiangsu China. There she served as the Assistant to the Chairman and Training Manager of Microtek Changzhou Laboratories. She is a certified IPC-A-600 master instructor/trainer and has taught dozens of classes on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) quality and acceptance. Laya served as General Manager of Greater Asa Pacific, an equipment, trading and technology company and is currently the General Manager of Reliability Assessment Solutions, the manufacturer of HATS²™ tester. Laya is fluent in both English and Chinese (various dialects) and has used that skill along with her technical knowledge to translate numerous technical articles, presentations and IPC documents between languages. She served chairman of the IPC 7-31a committee and has participated on many IPC Technical Committees where she has received a variety of Committee Service Awards.

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