Electronics Reliability

" the expectation that an electronic product or system will operate for a given period of time in a specified environment. "

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Reliability / Robustness Testing 

Are you currently receiving everything you want from your Reliability and Robustness testing process? We can provide you with engineering and professional supervision of your Reliability / Robustness testing protocols. We can assist you in creating a test plan and arrange for the testing to be performed. Our knowledge and experience can assure that you receive the most for your investment in Reliability / Robustness testing and assure that it is done correctly by third-party laboratories. We can assist you in understanding the data and what failures in testing mean for your products.

Testing Equipment / Procedures 

Interested in doing Reliability or Robustness testing in-house?
CAF / THB / HATS²™ / RTC / Salt Spray and other testing and failure analysis techniques are challenging to set up correctly. We can assist your organization with specifying the proper equipment, fixtures, wiring and procedures to perform Reliability and Robustness Testing.

We are also a manufacturer, importer and agent for worldwide branded equipment and instruments. Our technical knowledge and experience can help you get the most out of your investment in Reliability or Robustness Testing. We can help you engineer solid Reliability and Robustness testing protocols for your Electronic Systems.

Consulting / Training 

We can provide you with Consulting and Training to create customized programs to suit your needs in the areas of Testing, Reliability, Robustness and Process Survivability. The results from Reliability and Robustness testing can be confusing and difficult to find meaning in. We can assist you in understanding the data and what failures in testing mean for your products.

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